Bar Bar Black Sheep

Microgaming Digital Gaming Systems has teamed up with Viper Software to create new games that give the players a whole new level of online casino experience.

They feature superior graphics, excellent gameplay and a higher sound quality that makes online casino games more enjoyable. One of the games developed from the partnership is a classic slot machine game called Bar Bar Black Sheep.

The name is a pun combining the bar, which is a notoriously famous symbol in slots, and the old nursery rhyme, "Baa baa black sheep". The elements of the game follow the same theme.

The details include sound effects that make you feel like you are in a farm or a barn. The icons also reflect the theme with wools and white sheep, aside from the bar symbols. The winning combination is of course a single bar for the first reel, another single bar for the second reel, and the lucky black sheep for the third reel.

The black sheep serves as the wild symbol which could multiply your winnings by 3. Players can bet 1-3 coins and earn different paybacks depending on how many coins they used. For the bar bar black sheep combination, 3 coins get the maximum 1600 coins, 2 coins get 540 coins, and 1 coin play gets 180 coins.

The game, being a classic, has only 3 reels and a single pay line. You could use a maximum of 3 coins to earn the 1600 coin jackpot prize. You could bet up to 3 coins per line with a range of 2 cents to $5 each. Overall, this classic game has been given a fresh twist with the unique theme and a distinctive winning combination.

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